Youth Soccer Registration for Wayne


House Soccer Leagues are open to children in grades K–8 (Winter 1 and Winter 2 Sessions Only)

House leagues are for individual participants only. Each player will be assigned to a team that will play a seven game schedule. All games are played on Saturday. Requests to be on a team with another player should be put in the “Teammate Request” section on the registration page. While we cannot guarantee teammate requests, we will do our best to honor all requests. Players may request to play in an older or younger division if desired. Games are played with six field players and a goalie. Teams will have a maximum of 13 players.

Important: Teams in Grades 2 - 4 may be expected to play one or two games after 6PM on Saturday and / or Sunday afternoon game.

Equipment: All players will be given their own soccer jersey at their first game. Players must supply shin guards. Players are not to bring soccer balls — they will be supplied for each game.

Coaching Volunteers: Parents who have coached in local youth soccer organizations are strongly encouraged to volunteer to coach in the house league program. If you have an interest in coaching your child’s team, please note this in the teammate request section of your child’s registration form. Please also include the interested volunteer coach’s e-mail address so we can add that person to our Coach’s e-mail list.

What To Do After You Register: Team assignments and game schedules will be posted on the YSC web site approximately seven days prior to the start of the season. YSC Sports will also e-mail players with this information when it becomes available.

Click on Gender/Age Group to register (Winter 2 League Play begins Saturday, January 26, 2018):  YOU MUST PAY IN FULL ONLINE OR YOUR CHILD WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.

Boys Kindergarten 
Boys Grade 1 
Boys Grade 2  
Boys Grade 3 
Boys Grade 4 (Sold Out)

Girls K & Grade 1 
Girls Grade 2 
Girls Grade 3 & 4 (Sold Out)

Coed Grades 5 & 6
Coed Grades 7 & 8 

TRAVEL SOCCER LEAGUES (TEAMS) Winter 2 (Registration for Winter 2 Opens December 12th!) 

Travel (Team) soccer league are open to teams with players ages 9 - 18.

Each Travel team will play an eight game schedule and participate in the end of season playoffs. All games are 40 minutes long. Teams in the travel league will play six field players plus a goalie. Roster sizes are unlimited. Teams are not required to use only players on their outdoor rosters. Non-rostered players may play, as long as they are of the proper age. Field size is 174' x 102'. Game balls will be provided.

The cost for each playing season is $1175 per team (includes all referee fees). The full amount is due at your first game, paid for by check or credit card. Teams who do not pay in full on the night of their first game will be accessed a $100 fine. Teams not paid in full by the third game of the season will be removed from the league.

YSC Sports reserves the right to move up to two games per team per season to another night if necessary to accommodate an overflow of teams.

Click on Gender / Age to Register Travel Team:

Boys Leagues - (Winter 2)

Boys U08 Sunday (Sold Out)
Boys U09 Saturday (Sold Out)
Boys U10 Saturday (Sold Out)
Boys U11 Saturday (Sold Out)
Boys U12 Friday (Sold Out)
Boys U13 Friday (Sold Out)
Boys U14 Sunday (Sold Out)
Boys JV Sunday (Sold Out)
Boys Varsity Sunday (Sold Out)

Girls Leagues (Winter 2)

Girls U08 Sunday (Sold Out)
Girls U09 Saturday (Sold Out)
Girls U10 Saturday (Sold Out)
Girls U11 Friday (Sold Out)
Girls U12 Sunday (Sold Out)
Girls U13 Saturday (Sold Out)
Girls U14/15/JV Saturday (Sold Out)
Girls Varsity Saturday (Sold Out)

If you have questions, email Charlie Dodds,